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Corporate Advisory Retainer

Retainer services are ideal for organizations facing a growing number of legal matters to attend to but prefer not to have a dedicated in-house team to handle them. This service is also suitable for businesses seeking consistent expert legal support at a fixed and affordable cost. The pricing of our retainer packages are determined by the type, level, and volume of work carried out on a monthly basis. If you have legal needs not covered in the packages below, please contact us to explore the possibility of creating a customized arrangement.


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Retainer FAQ's

What is 'legal support'?

‘Legal Support refers to advice provided through means such as phone, email, messaging service, or document service that does not necessitate a detailed legal opinion


What is the extent of 'Review' under the Retainer?

'Review' encompasses a detailed evaluation of any contract or legal paperwork, offering recommendations for restructuring and revising specific sections of the document. If the revising part results in a significant reworking of the document, it will be considered a 'drafting' element

What are 'Corporate Agreements'?

Corporate Agreements shall encompass the following:

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Partnership Agreements

Shareholders’ Agreements

Indemnity Agreements

Lease Agreements

License Agreements

What are 'Specialised Agreements?

Agreements OTHER than Corporate Agreements, including but not limited to industry specific agreements.

Can I customise a Retainer Package?

Absolutely. You may propose a customised package in line with your unique needs. The monthly fee will be adjusted accordingly.

What about ad hoc corporate advisory and transactional services?

A separate quote will be provided for such services. You will be entitled to special rates if you have an ongoing retainer with us.

Resources - Understanding Legal Retainers in Malaysia: A Comprehensive Guide by Rajvin Gill & Co.


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